Gunga's Garage

Gunga's Garage is my recording studio. A few years ago I had to do some work on the garage and when I'd finished I decited to make it a practice room rather than a place to park the 54 Chev. I sold the Chev and from then on the room has evolved into a little studio.


At first it was a wedgie only studio with a small Korg recorder. Now it's a Pro Tools studio ready for most any project. When I joined Jesse Samsel's band we took over the studio to record the CD "In Good Hands." The wedgies returned to record the basic tracks for a CD but nothing has come of it.


Clark and I had a chance to record both Duffy Bishop and Henery Cooper in the studio. Both of those sessions will apear on a blues collection.


Don't know what the next project will be but it's a dream come true having a place to record any project that may come along.